Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden slots

The Enchanted Garden video slot game is one of the games developed and produced by Real Time Gaming. This online casino slot game is not only charming and aesthetically pleasing, it is also exciting and fast paced as well, although it can be somewhat confusing. It boasts 5 reels and 20 paylines.

The Fairy Princess is the Enchanted Garden’s most valuable symbol. She serves as the game’s Wild symbol and will substitute for other symbols in the game to complete winning combinations. But the Wild symbol also acts as a multiplier. The Scatter symbol is the Garden and, when it appears on an enabled payline, it awards the player with a random payout. The Wild symbol’s Fairy Princess does not substitute for the Scatter Garden symbol, however.

This online casino slot game offers players an impressive 200 levels with a range of achievements that, although locked, are unlocked during the course of game play. The Enchanted Garden video slot game is a large game as is evidenced by the fact that there are no fewer than 5 gardens to play. Each of the 5 gardens is unique and have their own distinctive themes and symbols. When it comes to drawbacks, however, the ones that are worth mentioning include the issue of diversity. In other words, the different challenges might seem to make the game more difficult or confusing to play for some players. Also, because the gardens can be upgraded, some players feel that there aren’t enough upgrades available. There is a power-up feature which some critics feel could be utilized more effectively.

The Main Mode of the Enchanted Garden is aptly called The Garden and it is here that players are presented with dirt grids of varying sizes. Each grid is divided into squares and each square bears a different garden-themed symbol. Players have to match 4 or more symbols by turning them around. When a match is achieved, the symbols that are grouped together disappear and new ones take their place.

The squares also produce grass that grows up. Provided the player is able to match enough of the squares, all of them will end up covered in grass. All these actions, from matching symbols to growing grass, results in points being awarded. Matching combinations can be achieved through different means and the faster these combos are made by the player, the better. To add an element of excitement, there is a Garden Gnome whose attention is grabbed when the player performs too many actions. When he appears, he comes to cause trouble, such as scattering stones over the garden the player is in the process of clearing. Tiles that have stones in them cannot produce grass, so it is best to avoid attracting the Gnome’s attention. The Gnome can be irritating but he helps to keep things interesting nonetheless.

There is also a Frost Attack that can creep up and prevent any tiles from being turned. Power-ups prevent the Frost Attack from being too much of a problem, though. Magic Fire power-ups allow the player to melt the frost. This is achieved when power-up jars are filled by matching symbols of the same color. There is also a Rock Breaker power-up to use when the Garden Gnome is up to nonsense. This time the player must match green items to fill their power-up jar. Unfortunately, the opportunity to fill the power-up jars can take a long time to present themselves. They can provide useful bonuses but, sadly, the opportunities to fill them are few and far between. The only time they really become handy is in the final garden. The Enchanted Garden video slot game is a slot game with a difference and certainly a very entertaining one.