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Modern technologies have allowed for the creation of a gaming revolution on the internet which offers the spirit of competition and excitement with ever more innovative games. Compared with their land based competitors, online casinos have the advantage of using the latest technologies to create games that are better & offer a much larger selection then what is available at land based operators. Weather you are into play free or play real money: slots, online roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps, scratch cards and video poker games are available without download or even registration many of the times.

So it’s clear that the convenience factor, the games selections, larger bonuses, better odds, etc.. available at online casinos are some big advantages to players which is why millions of people around the world choose online gaming as a great way to enjoy the excitement of Las Vegas at home.

What about the legalities of online playing?

Well it really depends on the country you live in. Unfortunately the internet as everything else in our world is still controlled by governments looking to  tax and license businesses especially in the world of gambling. The laws and legislations are different in each country with more progressive countries leading the way in legalizing & providing oversight for operators in this field. Some of the countries are:

United Kingdom

In the UK gambling has a long established history, with many betting shops available throughout United Kingdom long before the internet. When the online casino, sports betting and poker world blew up online UK was one of the first major countries to instate laws and taxation framework for companies operating in the online gambling space. As such the UK gaming companies are some of the largest in the world with the likes of 888, Ladbrokes and William Hill which operate within the UK but also in many other countries around the world. See a full list of UK betting sites here: http://www.casinouk.com/


Canada also has long roots with gambling. Their history with native indians have provided jurisdictions such as Kahnawake to instate gaming laws and take advantage of the fact that the Canadian government gave them gaming rights as part of their aboriginal rights a long time ago. At one time the Kahnawake Gaming Commission established in Canada was one of the most reputable in the world with hundreds of online casinos & poker rooms operating from huge server farms built on these native reserves. They are still going strong today with many casinos serving Canadian players. See full list of online casinos in Canada.


With a presence in Europe in the central Mediterranean, Malta stepped up a long time ago to take advantage of the huge industry of online gambling to attract operators to their small island. Due to their low taxes and favourable laws towards licensing & regulating online gambling, today they are one of the largest players in the global marketplace licensing many of today’s best brands.

Where should I play?

There are literally thousands of resources online to show you what the best places are to play online, so we didn’t feel there is a need to keep doing what everyone else is. If you’re in UK or Canada check out the sites we recommend above. Otherwise simply do a search for “best online casinos” or something similar and you’ll find many reputable sites that can provide recommendations on which are the best casinos and why. Some of the things to consider are obviously the casino’s reputation, their licensing – because only if they’re regulated you have an avenue to complain in case something goes wrong. Also bonuses, terms and other factors such as game selection is something you should be familiar with before signing up or depositing at an online casino.